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"[Professor Brent DeWitt's] classic "Punch and Judy" performance is one of the highlights that our guests come back to enjoy, year after year. He is a "tradition" every holiday season, here at Sarasota Jungle Gardens."
Luanne Brannen, Marketing Mgr. & Rose Rinaldi, General Mgr.
Sarasota Jungle Gardens
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Punch & Judy Magic Cirkus

Punch and Judy AudiencePunch ‘n Judy date back over three hundred years.  First seen and written by Mr. Samuel Peeps in Covent Gardens, London, England and noted in his famous diary.  The show was in Italian and was a Marionette Puppet Show.  The character was called Punch a nello.  These shows did not last long but the popularity of Punch a nello did.  His name shortened to Punch and changed into a hand puppet became popular with young and old.  DeWitt has carried on the tradition that now is so old it is new again.

The wee lads and lasses as well as the older folks all enjoy this timeless miniature theatrical production.  My show plays on a stage provided by you and/or we can bring our tented theater.  We have played the sea side in Broadstairs England as well as the Kennedy Center.  This show is at home any where a large or a small crowd gathers.

Be the talk of the town as your guests pat you on the back and thank you for bringing Dewitt’s Punch ‘n Judy Show to your event.

Punch and Judy Show

To inquire about availability, please call 941-400-7034.