CHEEKO - A clown you laugh with, a fool you laugh at.

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"You truly were a joy to have around and we could always count on you to be ready to entertain our guests or to pitch in with anything we needed for our festivals. We Loved having you on-site for 3 weeks - it flew by and we miss all our circus friends including "Cheeko"!
Gina Hallisey, Event & Venue Director
Mile High Marketplace
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Cheeko on BicycleAt the age of seven I became an apprentice and over the years developed my character CHEEKO.  A pantomimic chap that, like music, has no language barriers.

Whether CHEEKO is playing his hundred year old tuned Swiss sleigh bells, riding his comedy bike or serenading the ladies on his accordion, his European style acts are at home in the circus ring, stage, or variety setting

Not just an act, patrons consider CHEEKO a friend by the end of the performance.

It has been my pleasure to entertain children’s children and have them come back to relive their happy childhood memories.

Cheeko Balancing

Cheeko with Accordian

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